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Greek beer? You might not have heard about many more than the big three (Mythos, Fix and Alfa) and that's ok because it means you are about to enter the world of real Greek beers!

Great water, an amazing climate and terrain for growing hops and plenty of handed-down knowledge and passion for producing amazing beers.

Crisp ales, refreshing lagers and hearty porters are among the vast new landscape of small-scale beer production in Greece and many regions from the mountains to the Peloponnese to the islands are serving up some amazing brews all with their own personal character and charm.

If you're limited for time in Athens then join us for a Greek Kitchen tasting at a specialist beer shop where the owner has bottles waiting to be popped open, or an in-house beer and food pairing experience with one of our beer loving hosts at The Greek Kitchen. Or how about a visit to an Athens brewery for a tour and a tasting?

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