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Life's best lessons are always served with food!

school groups at the greek kitchen

Cooking is a basic life skill and food is a great way to learn about another country and culture.

The Greek Kitchen's classroom in central Athens is perfectly located fewer than 100 metres from the central market so it's easy to combine a tour to learn all about Greek produce and its origins along with a cooking class.

Our local home cooks are experts at working with large groups and have the perfect personalities to make your Greek cooking experience a highlight of your trip to Greece.

We understand that all school groups are different and we're happy to work with you to create the perfect experience that fits into your schedule, your age group and your budget. The dishes that we create have all been chosen with their flexibility regarding any dietary requirements that your students could have as well so no one misses out.

For more information and to book, send us an email and we can get the ball rolling!