kombucha & Ginger ale

Just one class for a lifetime of healthy goodness

kombucha and ginger ale

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The ability to make our own refreshing and revitalising sparkling drinks has never been an easier skill to acquire than through the Kombucha and Ginger Ale Starterclass at The Greek Kitchen.

People have been fermenting kombucha tea and ginger ale for almost as long as the Parthenon has stood proudly over Athens. Known for its many health benefits including being a great source of probiotics and antioxidants the tangy, sweet drink has antibacterial properties and tastes great.

This fun, informative and hands-on class is a great way to kick off your new fermenting pastime and it's led by an expert in the field. You'll get plenty of attention too as our Starterclasses are limited to 8 people at a time.

The class includes: A kombucha scoby and ginger bug starter kit, each in their own mason jar, a trip to the local market to source fresh produce for flavouring your drinks and two glass bottles of each of your kombucha and ginger ale you've made in the class.