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Thursday and Saturday 4pm and 7pm

Thursday and Saturday 4pm and 7pm

simple greek dishes

Mon: 10PM | Tues: 10AM | Weds: 4PM and 8PM | Thurs: 10PM | Fri: 10AM 

Sat: 8PM | Sun: 9AM

Get started on your Greek cooking odyssey with a fun, traditional, tasty collection of dishes that are easily adaptable for a range of different diets.

Class time: 1.5 - 2 hours

Skill level: Simple

 Price: From €20


Gemista: Seasonal vegetables filled with fragrant rice, herbs and a meat or mushroom mince. Served with lemon and thyme roasted potatoes.

Tzatziki: This is the accompaniment to many Greek dishes. A classic Greek yoghurt infused with garlic, cucumber and herbs. Once you master this you'll want it at every meal!

Salata Horiatiki: The Greek Salad! Possibly the most famous salad in the world...

The fresh vegetables, salty feta and aromatic herbs are the real taste of the summer in the Mediterranean.

traditional greek dishes

Mon: 10AM | Tues: 11PM | Weds: 6PM | Thurs: 10AM and 8PM | Fri: 12PM 

Sat: 10AM , 12PM and 3PM | Sun: 12PM

Moving up a level from the beginners class, together we will now tackle moussaka! One of the most widely known Greek dishes around the world! In this class we will give it our own twist and serve it up wit a couple of other enhanced classics.

Class time: 2 hours

Skill level: Simple/Moderate

Price: From €22


Moussaka: Layers of eggplant, and meat/mushroom sauce stuffed inside a plump tomato; topped with creamy béchamel and cheese.

Tyrokefteri: soft feta with a kick from fresh chillies.

Salata Kriti: Moving up from the classic Greek Salad we are heading to Crete, the largest island of Greece. Using summer vegetables like plum tomatoes and capers, topped with soft cheese and covered with a honey, thyme and wine dressing.


Santorini tomato fritters 1hr class

Mon: 2PM and 6PM | Tues: 9AM and 5PM | Weds: 12PM | Thurs: 6PM | Fri: 9AM, 5PM and 11PM 

Sat: 5PM | Sun: 4PM and 11PM

Short on time or just want to make something delicious, filling and fast for dinner?

Our fabulous tomato patties recipe combines all the flavours of everyone's favourite Cycladic Island, Santorini. Now you can eat there as often as you like!

Vegetarian friendly

Class time: 45mins - 1 hour

Skill level: Simple

Price: From €12


Tomatokeftedes: sweet vine of cherry tomatoes mixed with fresh summer herbs and lightly fried. 

Tzatziki: creamy Greek yogurt enriched with cucumber and garlic

greek picnic jars

Mon: 12PM | Tues: 9PM | Weds: 10AM | Thurs: 2PM | Fri: 8PM 

Sat: 12PM and 11PM | Sun: 2PM

Set the table or fill a picnic basket for the best meal accompaniments with these Greek dining staples.

Perfectly served with a range of dishes or just something to dip fresh vegetables into or smother over crusty bread, our picnic jars class is a great way to boost your meals.

Vegetarian friendly

Class time: 1 - 1.5 hours

Skill level: Simple

Price: From €20


Tzatziki: creamy Greek yoghurt infused with garlic and herbs

Spanakopita: a deconstructed version of the nation's most famous pie

The Greek Kitchen Signature Salad: We've take the regular Greek salad, added a few elements from our favourite places in the country and created perfection!

Pantzariasalata: sweet beetroots mixed with summer flavours and topped with walnuts

Served with strips of sesame covered backed phyllo pastry

the greek kitchen

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