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Religion, like family is at the core of life for many Greeks, not just those who live in Greece but in the many diaspora communities around the world. It gives an important connection to their homeland and its culture.

The religious calendar is filled with events from Saint's Days to Baptisms and Christmas to Easter and each are filled with a variety of unique, historical baked goods.

Each of the classes has been planned to coincide with a religious event that has a culinary connection; check the calendar below for dates and more information on the activity. Places are limited as these are small group experiences so be sure to book in time.

Everyone is welcome to join our religious baking classes regardless of their personal religious status, an interest in Greek Orthodox religious culture and delicious food are the only rules here!

When you are ready to book, or of you have any questions about any of the classes please contact us.


  • All classes must be paid for in advance

  • Please let us know about any dietary requirements in advance

  • Places are limited to 8 people per adult class and 16 for kids/family activities

  • Please contact for larger or private group bookings

  • Classes are held in either English or Greek, please check the schedule to make sure you book the right one

  • Check the Terms and Conditions in the FAQ for more detailed information on bookings and cancellations

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