Team building

Add a culinary bonding activity to your company training

team building at the greek kitchen

Food gets people talking. Add in a few drinks and everyone is best friends! What better way to boost morale in your team than with an activity that culminates with a delicious experience!

The Greek Kitchen is ready to provide your staff and colleagues with a wonderful morning, afternoon, evening or full day of team building, fun, inspiration and motivation.

Our bespoke corporate events have been created to entertain and educate, focusing on communication, co-operation and trust with an emphasis on fun, fulfilment and food!

Working in a kitchen is rewarding work with a lot of challenges, therefor it's vital to be able to work together for success - each person contributes to the customer experience, from the initial welcome to the careful preparation and the service to the reward of a job well done.

This is the blueprint for all customer driven businesses. We find that in a completely new environment colleagues can see each other in a different light and appreciate talent and skills that are needed when the heat in the kitchen rises and deadlines loom.

We offer a range of tailor made courses and activities to suit your goals, all under the guidance of an experienced, natural motivator. From a simple cooking demonstration with lunch or tasting experience to creating a meal for the group, exploring the city and the local market on a mission or enjoying a Greek dessert masterclass and wine tasting, we can design a course to suit your needs.

Though lower impact than traditional away days spent canyoning, building rafts and sailing them down rivers or battling army assault courses, corporate events with The Greek Kitchen are high impact when it comes to results.

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