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Cooking in athens

The capital city of Greek cuisine!

classic cooking in athens

Monday to Saturday 9:30am and 3pm

If you're in Athens and would like to have a hands-on cooking experience then get in touch because we are here to help!

Class time: 4 hours

Skill level: Simple/Moderate

Class price: From €29 youth/ €65 adult 16+

Let us organise you a cooking experience that includes a trip to the local market to shop for ingredients before preparing a mouthwatering five-dish meal in a hands-on class with a local, home cook.


Dolmades: Delicious vine leaves wrapped around herb-infused rice, add some 

beef if you want to.

Spanakopita: Spinach pies with a touch of creamy, salty feta all wrapped up in pastry. 

Tzatziki: This is the accompaniment to many Greek dishes. A classic Greek yoghurt infused with garlic, cucumber and herbs. Perfect for dipping those dolmades and pies into!

Imam Bialdi: Travelling back from Asia Minor with Greek refugees, this dish of roasted eggplants topped with a rich sauce and feta cheese.

Portokalopita: An all time favourite for many Greeks, this sticky, soft orange "pie" is made from phyllo pastry, oranges and cinnamon. If you can make this you'll never be without friends.

Your experience includes a 250ml carafe of wine. Soft drinks are available and drinking water is provided throughout.

End your meal with a delicious local digestive liquor, just to wash it all down!

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